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Summary of Funded Grants

Research Center Grants

2017  - 2022  “COBRE: Renewal of the Delaware Center for Neuroscience Research” National Institutes                           of Health, $10.9 million, Principal Investigator/Project Director

2012 - 2017   “COBRE: The Delaware Center for Neuroscience Research”  National Institutes of Health

                         $10.5 million, Principal Investigator/Project Director

Infrastructure/outreach grants

Federal Agencies

2017 – 2022  “RISE: A Graduate Training Program to Increase Diversity in Biomedical Science" National

Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIH) $1.85 million, Co-Principal Investigator

2015 - 2020   "A Neuroscience-Focused Undergraduate Research Program at an HBCU" National Institute of

Neurological Disease and Stroke (NIH) $535,000, Principal Investigator


2012 – 2017  “Delaware State University Scholarships for Teachers in Mathematics and Science”

                     Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, National Science Foundation $1.2 million, Provided

                     leadership for application preparation and submission (PI Nicola Edwards).


2010 - 2015   “A Linear Leadership Development Model for STEM Success” National Institutes of  Health,

                      $2.1 million – co-Principal Investigator


2009 - 2015     “DSU-SMILE: A Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enrichment”

                         National Science Foundation  $2.5 million -- Co-Principal Investigator


2009 - 2015     “A Graduate Partnership to Expand Educational Opportunities at an HBCU” National

                          (NIGMS) $1.6 million - Principal Investigator


2009 - 2013     “An Inter-institutional Neuroscience PhD Program to Expand Graduate Education

                         Opportunities for Minority Students” National Science Foundation, $1 million, Co-Principal



2005–2008      “A Dual-Degree Graduate Program to Build Infrastructure and Expand Opportunities for

                         Graduate Education at an HBCU”, National Science Foundation,  $1 million – co-Principal



2003-2008       “Seeds of success: a comprehensive program for the retention, quality training and

                          advancement of STEM  students”, National Science Foundation,   $2.5 million –  co-Principal



1999 - 2001    “Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Research in the Neurosciences:  A

                        Collaborative Project of Atlanta University Center Colleges” National Science Foundation,

        $2 million, Principal Investigator


Foundation grants

2009, 2010      “Delaware Residence Enrichment Academy of Mathematics and Science (DREAMS)” Bernard

                         Harris Exxon-Mobile Foundation, – $160,000, co-Principal Investigator


1999 - 2000     “Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Research in the Neurosciences”, David & Lucile

                          Packard Foundation, $100,000, Principal Investigator


Research Grants

2o16 - 2019    "Mechanisms and modeling of the adaptive modulation of the intrinsic properties of spinal

motoneurons" National Science Foundation, $700,000, Principal Investigator

2015                "Adaptive modulation in spinal motor neurons"  Army Research Laboratory, Short-term

                         Innovative Research grant, $50,000, Principal Investigator


2013– 2017    “A Tale of Two synapses: the development of neurotransmitter phenotype in motor neurons”

                        National Institutes of Health (NICHD), $571,000, Principal Investigator


2011 - 2013     “MRI: Acquisition of a Bench-top Olympus Confocal Microscope to Advance Biological

                        Research at an HBCU”, National Science Foundation  $217,000, Co-Principal Investigator


2007 - 2011    “Recording Snail Brain Activity with a Multi-electrode Array” National Institutes of Health

                        (NIGMS) $450,000  Principal Investigator

2003 - 2006    “Neurobiology of Slime Trail Tracking in a Predatory Snail”, National Science Foundation,

                        $265,000, Principal Investigator.


2003 – 2006    “MRI: Multielectrode physiology and fluorescence microscopy instrumentation to support

                         research and training at an historically-black, undergraduate institution” National Science

                         Foundation, $132,000,  Principal Investigator


2000 - 2003   “Molecular Biophysical Studies of Cysteine Residues in the CFTR Cl- Channel” National

                        Science Foundation,  $178,000, Principal Investigator


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